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March 15, 2011

There's a setting involved?

     Two weeks before we begin playing Dungeons and Dragons, I will be publishing our campaign setting. I know for sure that we will start in the traditional tavern setting, located in the Groggy Lion in Fallcrest. Asides from that, I am unsure of what our setting will be, but I am open to suggestions. I am waiting until April to begin designing it  so that way I can incorporate the characters we will be using into the story.

     The posts will be on my D&D Campaign: The Story site located at http://www.dndcampaignthestory.blogspot.com.

Player Character Info:

     Before we start the campaign, I need everyone to submit a post with the info of their characters below. This info needs to contain the stats, including HP, of the character, the class and race, the name, the player's name, all equipment (excluding Magic Items), all items that the character possesses, and all of their skills (excluding rituals).

March 12, 2011

D&D Players Wanted!

Do you enjoy playing D&D? Need someone to DM?

     Hi, my name is Nathan and I am looking for a group of D&D players located near Dubuque, IA. A group of five players would work best, but if need be, I can DM for more than five, or less than five.

Post a reply for futher details.

The Big 3: